Massages available on Luxury Surf and Yoga Cornwall Retreats

We are delighted that our good friend and excellent massage therapist Utah will be available for all our lovely guests on our Surf and Yoga Retreats in Cornwall.

Utah will come to our lodge after our day in the Cornish Surf and provide excellent massages for any guests who would like a massage to help soothe any tired muscles.

A message from Utah…

“I have been interested in health and wellness from a very early age as a young woman who first went to the Women's Herbal Symposium in Northern California. After studying massage at Wat Po in Thailand, Esalen Institute in Big Sur and Midline in Santa Cruz, I've worked at Kabuki Spa in San Francisco, Lucero Surf Retreats in Costa Rica, Well Within Spa in Santa Cruz and Hotel Los Gatos. I now live in beautiful coastal Cornwall and I would love to share massage and body work as part of your retreat experience.”

Let us know when you book your luxury surf and yoga retreat if you’d like a massage and we’d love to book one in for you!


yoga session pic.jpg





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