Surf and Yoga Cornwall - What to expect on our retreats!

Learn to surf in Cornwall in luxury!

Thinking of joining us but not sure if it’s for you? Read on to find out more about our luxury weekend breaks in Cornwall!


Lovely guests heading to the sea for their first ever surf lesson!

Never tried surfing before? That’s ok most of our guests are complete beginners. Surf coaching is set at the individuals pace in a supportive and fun environment. Professional instructors take us to the best beaches for the surf conditions on the day. All equipment is provided and we guarantee you’ll have a great time learning to surf safely.

Learning to surf in a fun supportive group!

New to yoga? Again guests come with a mix of yoga practice, all classes can be taken by complete beginners as well as those who practice yoga regularly. You take the classes at your own pace and go into the poses that you feel comfortable doing and to the depth that you are happy with.

Relaxing and friendly yoga sessions on our retreats.

Below are some photos of guests enjoying themselves on last month’s retreat. For more information on what a day is like on our retreats CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS!






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