Winter surf in Cornwall - tips for staying warm

This winter we are running our Cornish Surf and Yoga Retreat from 30th November to 3rd December. Surfing in Cornwall in winter is exhilarating and if you think it might be too cold…read on for our top tips for keeping warm and comfortable!  

On our Surf and Yoga Retreats in Cornwall we provide top quality 5 mm winter wetsuits and boots to keep you toasty. We have hot water bottles and hot chocolate ready for you after surfing in the van, then back to our lodge for hot showers, the hot tub and full relaxation in the spa! 


Beautiful deserted Cornish beaches in Winter!
Getting ready to surf on our retreat!

Here are our top tips for staying warm after winter surfs!

  • Get the best kit, 5mm winter wetsuit, boots, gloves and a hood :-)
  • Have a warm changing robe for getting warm and dry quickly post surf
  • Keep a hot water bottle filled with warm water in the car for a rinse post surf
  • Beanies and warm socks to keep cosy when you get out
  • Hot flask of tea, hot chocolate and coffee to look forward to!


Catching a wave - feel energised in winter seas!

We highly recommend speaking to staff at your local surf shop for expert advice and great product knowledge. Our favourite is Bathsheba Surf Shop in Perranporth, Cornwall, great products and friendly local knowledge!


Enjoying cold water surf in a fab wetsuit!


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