Booking conditions for holidays booked with other providers


Holidays advertised by Ride on Retreats with other providers
“Ride on Retreats Ltd” is the trading name, run by Sarah Morrison. Ride on Retreats Ltd is a tour operator and travel agency.

We work with instructors, activity provides, accommodation providers, tour operators, guides and travel providers ‘providers’ from around Europe, for who Ride on Retreats Ltd works as an agent.

The aim of this website and our service to provide access to holidays from tour operators, accommodation providers and other service providers

When booking an ‘holiday’ you enter into a booking contract between you and the ‘provider’ and is subject to their terms and conditions. It is your responsibility to check these before booking and entering into an agreement.

Ride on Retreats Ltd hand picks all ‘providers’ whilst the upmost care has been taken to ensure you receive the best service from the ‘providers’ you agree that Ride on Retreats Ltd is not responsible for any other terms, conditions, warranties or representation associated with such dealings, are solely between you and the relevant provider, and are done so at your own risk.

We strongly recommend you take out comprehensive travel insurance at the time of booking an ‘holiday’. You agree not to hold Ride on Retreats Ltd responsible or for any inconveniences, financial losses, injury from the ‘holiday’

When you make a booking with Ride on Retreats Ltd, you make payment directly to the ‘provider. Ride on Retreats Ltd will put you in touch with the provider and they will supply you directly with the details of deposit and balance payments and cancellation policies. These will vary depending on the ‘provider’.


If you need to cancel, this may be subject to cancellation fees and/or non refundable deposits, these will be outlined in the terms and conditions of the ‘provider’.

Your reason for cancellation may be able to reclaim charges on your travel insurance.

Cancellation by Holiday Provider

Ride on Retreats Ltd and ‘providers’ retain the right to cancel ‘holidays’ or make changes to the ‘holiday’. These will be set out by the terms and conditions of the ‘provider’.
In all circumstances, the provider will contact you as soon as reasonably possible to offer alternative dates and arrangements.

Personal Responsibility

Taking part in activities, adventure sports, action sports carries a high risk of damage, personal injury or death. By booking an ‘holiday’ with Ride on Retreats Ltd you agree that Ride on Retreats Ltd is not responsible for any injury, damage to property or death.

Ride on Retreats Ltd does not accept or assume any responsibility or liability for accidents, injuries or even death occurred while taking part in any ‘holiday’.