Tap into your Youthful Spirit with Ride on Retreats!

There are so many fantastic examples of women taking up new things in their 40’s!

For us, it was one surf lesson that happened in Devon, the summer after covid. I was hooked. I knew I would be, I had just never found the right moment to give it a go until I was in my forties.

Fast forward 6 months and we’re running Ride on Retreats. We host beautiful beginner Surf & Yoga breaks in Cornwall. A safe haven to try your hand at surfing, enjoy good food, practice yoga and meet like minded women in a female led environment.

You just can’t beat the feeling of being in nature. Particularly being in water, facing the ragged Cornish coast, even better if the sun in beating down. But the right gear will always ensure that you never feel the cold. Even in November. It is such a freedom.

Words don’t do justice to our three-night retreat in Cornwall if you are looking for a real break from a busy life. Having worked and lived in the City for the last 20 years, raising a young family and living through covid, these ‘Escape the City’ weekends have become the antidote toit all.

The joy of catching a small wave and trying to pop up whilst it slowly moves you down the beach is unbeatable. Whether you fall off in the shallow waters or jump off, or make it all the way to the shore, there’s a smile on your face that will cheer you on for days after. It’s totally addictive. The moment the ride is over, you’re straight back out there to try and do it again.

Whilst like us, you might be unlocking a new hobby, you’re also out there enjoying a huge break from responsibility. Surfing is a great way to re-connect with your youthful spirit, it’s fun and it’s playful and as we get older, these things are often harder to achieve with the madness of modern life.

I love to imagine that after the waves have lightly bashed us around a bit, you’ve ignited movement in the body and loosened up the energy flow. So complimentary yoga or qigong sessions are the perfect accompaniment to complement the physical activity we’ve just done. The weekends are a great balance for those seeking adventure and relaxation rolled into one.

Sound good? Come and join the revolution! Age is nothing but a number.

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