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Where do you run your retreats?

We run UK surf and yoga retreats in Cornwall, and overseas retreats in Portugal on a regular basis. We also offer bespoke packages for a variety of places including : Mallorca, Slovenia, Costa Rica and The Maldives, as well as pop ups in these locations.

I'm a beginner surfer, is that ok?

Yes definitely! Many of our guests have never tried surfing before and our instructors will tailor the sessions to suit your ability and make sure you feel confident in the water. If you're a beginner surfer you will start in the shallows, only moving further out when you're ready and happy to do so.

How fit do I need to be?

All of our activities require a basic level of fitness - the level within the group will vary and we will always give modifications for yoga and individual goals for surfing. Our main aim is for everyone to feel relaxed and have a good time.

I have never done yoga does that matter?

Definitely not. Our yoga teachers are experts at modifying moves for different levels, and in fact, being more experienced at yoga doesn't always mean more flexibility. Yoga is very much about tapping into what feels right for your body. If you haven't ever done yoga before and would like a little bit of confidence before you arrive, we can send you some videos so you have a good idea of how each session will run. Bare in mind that these sessions are designed to relax at the end of the day; Yin yoga, gentle and perfect for stretching out those muscles after a day in the surf.

Do you cater for different dietary requirements?

Absolutely. We've had all sorts of dietary requirements over the years and are used to catering for them all.

Am I too old to learn to surf?


What is the average age of the group? 

Over the years we've had Riders from 20 up to the age of 70. Everyone is welcome and super friendly so don't let age put you off!

Can I book in extra surf sessions? 

Yes of course. We can book in extra sessions, at a cost, though timings are tide dependent so it can't always be guaranteed.

Can I come with a friend?

Yes! Our trips are perfect for solo travellers or small groups of friends - perfect for a friendmoon.

Do you have many solo travellers on your retreats?

Yes we do. The vast majority of our guests are solo travellers looking to connect with like-minded people, try something new, get away from the everyday and truly relax.